Development and Interconnection of Energy Projects

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Development and Interconnection of Energy Projects

We carefully assess all parameters in order to ensure the optimal efficiency of each project.

We take care to accurately achieve maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

Multi-criteria assessment

Multi-criteria assessment

A critical factor for the development and implementation of a power plant is the location in which it will be installed. A plant’s location affects its productivity (wind, sun, etc.), as well as the level of difficulty in transmitting electricity to consumers.
Synenergy’s multi-criteria assessment enables the customer to have a compete picture of the interconnection costs, as well as the degree of implementation of the project, by indicating potential technical, licensing and ownership issues.

What our services include

The deliverable received by our customers is a technoeconomic assessment report based on the following parameters:

  • Network proximity
  • Network capacity
  • Network construction feasibility
  • Substation Siting
  • Accessibility of Transmission Projects
  • Small- or Large-Scale Groupings of Projects
  • Future network and Substation projects planned in the area
  • Alternative scenarios for Transmission and System Interconnection projects
  • Costs of the Transmission and Interconnection projects according to the scenarios

Project assessment is dynamic in nature and may change over time, due to the roll-out of other transmission projects in adjacent areas by other companies at the same time.

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