Preliminary Suitability Study

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Preliminary Suitability Study

A qualitative preliminary suitability study allows us to minimise manufacturing costs.

We select the optimal locations of substations and interconnection routes by implementing high-level design specifications.

Qualitative Preliminary Suitability Study

Qualitative Preliminary Suitability Study

At this stage, Synenergy carries out a preliminary design - study of interconnection works. Specifically, we select the location of the Substation and the routing of the high voltage transmission line. A high-quality initial design ensures that the total construction cost to be borne by the customer is minimised, while also creating a sound basis for the drafting of subsequent studies.
Upon completion of the preliminary study, the customer receives the corresponding dossier to be submitted to the Greek Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO, Greek ΑΔΜΗΕ).

What our services include

The dossier submitted to the Operator shall contain the prepared preliminary design of the Connection Projects for the issuance of the Certificate of Suitability, in accordance with the specifications, which shall include:

For 150 kV or 400 kV overhead or underground Interconnection Lines:

Overhead Networks

- Transmission line route plan map with background orthophoto map.

- Transmission line routing plan map with a background of contour curves.

- Brief technical description of the overhead transmission line.

Underground Networks

- Brief technical description of the underground transmission line.

- Plan of the underground cables at a scale of 1:1000 or 1:500.

- Documentation of the availability of space on the chosen route and investigation of all intersections of underground cables with the conductors of the Public Utility Companies (PUCs).

- Preliminary design of the standard cross-section of the trench and the maximum depth of installation.

- Design of the carrying capacity and selection of the cable cross-section.

For Substations (substations) or Extra High Voltage Substations (EHVSSs)

- Selection of a suitable land plot for the construction of the new substation

- Plans for the planned development of the new substation.

- Grounding design - Ground resistivity.

- Topographical diagram of the land for the construction of the substation.

- Consultancy services until the issue of the certificate of suitability.

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