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Our company, SYNENERGY ADVISORS, has been created by the demands-needs of our time for complete solutions of Advisory Services and Energy Projects Management not only throughout construction, but throughout operation and supervision of Energy projects as well, which are materialized in Greece by domestic investment schemes, yet mainly by foreign investment schemes.

The existence of an Independent Advisory Company will be able to offer complete advisory services from the Investor’s side on energy projects of RES -Renewable Energy Sources- and in particular on the production-management-and electric power transportation in Greece. It is our firm belief that this will undoubtedly assist in the further penetration of RES in our country which is of great necessity nowadays.

The company is composed of a team of engineers of various specializations who have separately participated in the majority of energy projects in Greece during the last fifteen years (2002-2017).

Our members have offered their individual services on the whole spectrum of disciplines concerning the RES projects (licensing – feasibility studies – supervision - operation).

Not only does our company fully utilize the cooperation of its members, but their experience, know-how, and their skills as well, targeting at upgraded and complete advisory services from the conception of every project to their planning, licensing, construction and operation.

Our executives’ philosophy is based on the following main factors.

We plan by taking into consideration humans.

We continue building relationships of trust.

We combine our knowledge with our expertise.

We invest in talent and new technologies.

Our team work is believed to offer even more services.